When you sign up for the Guaranteed Equity Plan,  we will track our bets for 90 days from the day you join.  Our picks must make at least +8 units during that time or we refund all 3  months of your fee .   We expect to profit much more:  That is the minimum bar we pledge to guarantee. 

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme,  Equity Sports Analytics is not your destination.  We promise steady, achievable results.


Honesty and Integrity are our first priorities in an industry that is rife with scams and malevolence.  We expect to make clients on average +24 Units per quarter (+96 units per year). Given the amount of picks we release (sample size),  our standard deviation model predicts  a 10% risk of a negative final result over the span of a quarter (under 1% for a year).   

It's a grotesque concept in the industry that services would take money from clients without performing. We've been clients ourselves and are sick of all the false promises and lack of accountability! We look forward to earning your trust with our honesty and consistency. We promise the "buck stops here"!  

With these guarantees we promise:

We won't post odds you can't get.   (most services "micro inflate" odds they post. Over time that can significantly manipulate profits) We will do the opposite by posting  "lazy lines".   If a game is 1.94 at Pinnacle, we will post it as 1.91.  Thus you the client will achieve the same or better results​ .

Guaranteed Equity Plan:  if we don't make you at least 8 units of profit over the quarter, we will refund all 3 months of your fee.

Simple. No catches.