Updated: Sep 22, 2021

WE are unique, in that we ONLY use math and empirical data, and NEVER gut intuition when devising picks. Most sports information services and handicappers use a "fundamental" analysis to determine picks.

In other words, they research the teams, players and corresponding stats. Conversely we implement a "technical" analysis. This involves pooling all of the betting line information (opening lines through closing) of several major Sportsbooks to determine where money is being bet while at the same time analyzing how different Sportsbooks shy away from or lean into liability on a particular game.

IN poker at the highest level, a winning player pays attention to what his opponents have more than he pays attention to the cards being dealt. We believe that the best way to win consistently in modern sports betting is to read the "emotions" (with data of course) of each Sportsbook when faced with liability on a particular side of a game.

AFTER all, the best fundamental analysts in sports betting are the billion dollar casinos that set the lines. They have done the background research, and have strong opinions on the games. (It's a myth that Sportsbooks are simply just trying to get equal action on both sides of the line; almost always they are manipulating action away from their researched opinion. Make no mistake, during games with a giant "handle", somewhere, there is a billionaire casino owner sitting on his couch in his underwear, yelling at the TV). An individual handicapper using fundamental analysis, is competing with the Sportsbooks, but with fewer resources; a difficult job indeed to come up with game information not already 'baked' into the line. Our technical analysis watches the Sportsbooks for 'tells', thus instead of competing against them, we harness their expertise for our clients benefit.

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