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Updated: Sep 22, 2021

ESA has grown exponentially over this past month! In particular, we had an amazing surge of signups this past weekend (probably due to our new well priced MMA package).

With that surge, we had a lot of very happy clients after Saturday's MMA results. Conversely, we had a lot of unhappy clients after Sunday's 0-3 MLB performance: (I'm used to going from celebrated handicapper to bum and then back again over and over) But.... as always....

A Professional Reminder:

Keep those unit sizes at 1 to 3% of your total bankroll. The road to a yearly profit of +100 units includes a lot of terrible individual days like yesterday!

The difference between a pro and a losing player:

what a day like yesterday does to your bankroll and emotions. It should literally be like water off a ducks back.

Cautionary Tale:

We had a client (who signed up a few weeks ago) tell me he lost $3000 yesterday. Evidently he bet $1000 on each game. His total bankroll is $5000. Needless to say he cancelled his service and is long gone. I didn't bother trying to retain him. Apparently he started betting small with us back in the middle of July, saw that we were hot, and loaded up bigtime yesterday.

If we all follow the aforementioned unit size advice, ESA clients will be happy, and we'll be happy not having to talk some clients off a ledge after every bad day!

Looking through our stats I'll provide a few examples of what to expect:

Keep in mind: ESA is up +52.06 units since March 1st, 2021 as of this writing. On top of this we have paid out each and every client who was subscribed at the time $413 on May 13th and $11.75 on June 24th. In total, ESA clients have made +52.06 units plus $424.75 in dividend payments!

Along the way though we've had days like this:

July 16th: 4-13 for -11.17 units

July 28th: 1-7 for -6.93 units

And countless similar terrible days since our inception on March 1st of this year.

BUT still, we were up a total of +14.99 units in July! However, after each of those days we lost subscribers because it's a natural human emotion to not be able to see the long term perspective.

Finally I'll leave you with this:

We expect to run this site at a loss for at least the first 2 years of our online existence! The simple reason for this is the Dividend promo. We expect to pay out at least 3 to 10 giant dividend payments over the first 2 years. That's simply a calculation based on my long term winning percentage of 54%.

It's a worthwhile investment to show you (the ESA client) that we have your back during the pockets that don't go well. Eventually, we will take the dividend promo away, but will still pledge to earn you at least +96 units profit/calendar year. By that time we will have built up a large loyal client base that knows we don't disappear when things turn sour for a little while.

Please contact us if you require assistance or have any questions about this blog or anything else.

Warm Regards,


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