ESA Dividend


Introducing the unprecedented  “ESA Dividend” payment!  We make your betting experience risk-free!


How the promotion works: 

 If ESA picks have lost money over one of the specified time periods below, we will give each of our subscribers $20 per unit lost.  For example, if we lose 5 units between Dec 1st and Dec 31st in aggregate, we owe you $100. If our picks win you money as per the desired outcome, you get nothing but the satisfaction of your bankroll growing. Or put another way, heads you win, tails we lose.

Thoughts that should be running through your head:

1) If you bet $20/unit or less, your betting experience is now RISK-FREE!

2) If you bet $100/unit, you get a 20% rebate on your losses.

3)We plan on winning in aggregate over a long period, so this is just extra money in your pocket during cold streaks.

4)  Short sell option:  Sign up for a subscription, don't bet the picks, and hope this promotion pays out more than the cost of the subscription.  Hmmmm....

Rules and Conditions:

1)  This promotion will be replacing the Spread Change Guarantee.  Qualifying subscribers can choose to forfeit their sign-up guarantee for this promotion if they wish. 

2)  You must opt in to this promotion by contacting us at

ESA Dividend Payout schedule:


January 1-January 31st, 2022

February 1-February 28, 2022

March 1-March 31, 2022



The ESA Team